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SOLAR 2017

Solar 2017

9 - 12 October 2017

Denver, CO

The American Solar Energy Society, ASES, conference SOLAR 2017 was held in Denver 9 - 12 October 2017. SOLAR 2017 was a premier networking and knowledge-sharing event for renewable energy professionals and advocates.

Plenary sessions, forums, and moderated technical sessions - focused on progress and challenges facing the country and world - encouraged deep dialogue among presenters and participants. Attendees left the conference with strong community-based recommendations for advancing the movement to a 100% renewable energy world.

The SOLAR 2017 National Organizing Committee was Chaired by Dr. Paulette Middleton (ASES Co-Chair and Solar Energy Society Secretary) and the Technical Review Committee was Chaired by Dr. Jan Kleissl (Professor of Environmental Engineering, University of California, San Diego).

All papers were made publically available on this website and assigned a unique DOI.

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