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SWC 2015

SWC 2015: ISES Solar World Congress

8 - 12 November, 2015

Daegu, Korea

The ISES Solar World Congress 2015 was hosted by the Korean Solar Energy Society (KSES). The Congress brought together a wide range of contributors to the renewable energy movement. Hundreds of participants from 58 countries presented recent developments in solar technologies, and latest updates on financing, policies, access and public support around the world. Young professionals joined with long time solar energy mentors to enrich the discussion of challenges and opportunities for making a difference in all of these areas. The Congress provided an excellent environment for fruitful collaboration and planning, and resulted in the affirmation that we can and will attain the needed energy transformation.

The proceedings from the SWC2015 are available for you to read and download in this open-access database. Each paper has a unique DOI number.

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